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Monday, June 27, 2005

PB Cemented One Year Ago Today

One year ago on this date, the Paul Bearer character was buried in a concrete crypt at the GREAT AMERICAN BASH, in Norfolk, VA.

These photos are not screen captures. They were taken by a friend with a digital camera as the actual "cementing" took place, and are a part of my personal collection. Here I am waiting patiently for the pouring to begin. I think the look on my face in both photos speak for themselves. It was a very emotional situation for me, and dangerous as well. Of course there were some safeguards in case of an accident, fortunately they didn't have to be used. The wet mixture was actually dumped on me. One thing that does stand out in my memory is how heavy the stuff was.

Other than the "Buried Alive" matches, and "Boiler Room Brawl," that The Undertaker had in the past years, I have been asked more about this event than any other storyline in my 13+ year association with WWE. I have never revealed the complete details of PB's burial in concete. I'm certain it will have a place in my upcoming autobiography.

Thanks For The Memories!