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Since 2005, and over 800 entries, the orginal purpose of this BLOG has never changed. I consider it to be a personal letter from me to my extended family of fans, supporters, and friends. I ALWAYS encourage your emails, comments, suggestions, and questions. Be Blessed! ~Percy

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


If you are a regular follower of my BLOG, you have certainly heard me mention our Annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion (GCWR), that we have each year here in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama.  I am a member of The Board of Directors, and have been for many years.  This year our gathering will take place this weekend, on Friday and Saturday, March 2nd and 3rd, at The Mobile International Speedway.  This year will mark our 21st Reunion.  Anything that lasts 21-years can't be all bad.

If you are not familiar with The GCWR, it is a professional convention of those of us involved in the professional wrestling industry.  In order to attend, you MUST be involved in the business, or retired from the ring.  Please understand that we treasure the support of our fans, however unlike our big brother The Cauliflower Alley Club, we do not allow fans to attend.  This brotherhood is set aside soley for those of us that have dedicated our lives, and make/made our living from pro wrestling.  New applications and members are screened at the door.

If you are involved in our industry or retired, please click on this link for an application:  2012 GCWR APPLICATION  We invite you to make copies of the application for any of your friends that may be interested.  I promise you, if you attend one time, you will be back.  Just ask someone you know that has been here before.

I will be posting more information as we draw closer to the date, and any questions may be directed to me at: PercyPringle3@PercyPringle.com

Be Blessed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Notwithstanding that Percy is currently signed to a "Legends Contract" with WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, he remains available for select independent bookings. His world-wide name recognition, along with his 30+ years of experience within the industry benefits any pro wrestling event, reunion, seminar, autograph signing, etc.
WRESTLINGMARX.COM is the primary and prefered booking agent for Percy at this time. They also represent Superstars such as Mick Foley, Chavo Guerrero, Sunny, and many more. Complete booking information for Percy may be obtained by clicking on this link - WRESTLINGMARX.COM
In past years, Percy has appeared at major events such as The NWA Legends Fanfests, The Legends of the Ring, Wrestlefests, New England Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame, The Capitol Legends Conventions, K & S Wrestlefests, Legendsmanias, and so many more.
As well as with many outstanding organizations such as NWA Hollywood, TNA, The Ring of Honor, All Star Wrestling West Virginia, Ring of Glory, National Wrestling Superstars, Boston's Chaotic and MWF Pro Wrestling, Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, Louisiana's Ground Zero Pro, Alabama Wrestling Federation, International Professional Wrestlers Association, Iron Ring Wrestling, Dreamwave Wrestling, West Florida's American Wrestling Federation, Gulf South Wrestling, American Championship Wrestling, Ultimate Wrestling, Dirty South Pro Wrestling, Old School Wrestling, High Impact Wrestling, Mach 1 Wrestling, East Coast Wrestling Association, All Star Wrestling, SoCal Pro Wrestling, and Wrestle Birmingham, just to name a few.
Percy's services are constantly in demand as an interesting guest on many top radio and internet wrestling interview programs.
As previously mentioned, Percy remains associated with WWE, signed to a multi-year WWE "Legends Contract" in 2005, which has recently been extended; notwithstanding that he recently returned to WWE Television Programming in 2010. He also serves on the board of directors of the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion, and is a lifetime member of the Cauliflower Alley Club, who honored him in 2003 for his professional wrestling achievements.
Percy prefers that you contact WRESTLINGMARX.COM for booking information. However you may contact him directly if you desire. Please be prepared to provide Percy with complete, detailed information about your event and promotion, including a link to your website if possible; as ONLY serious inquiries will be considered.
To contact Percy directly, please email -  Booking@PercyPringle.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


For my non-Catholic friends today is Ash Wednesday, the day Lent begins. It occurs forty days before Good Friday. Actually, Ash Wednesday is its colloquial name. Its official name is the Day of Ashes. It is called Ash Wednesday because, being forty days before Good Friday, it always falls on a Wednesday and it is called Ash Wednesday because on that day at church the faithful have their foreheads marked with ashes in the shape of a cross.  I was blessed to be able to attend early mass this morning, and marked wih the ashes of my faith.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Laissez les bons temps rouler." - HAPPY MARDI GRAS!

 "Laissez les bons temps rouler."
Let the good times roll!

I realize it may be difficult for you folks not from the Gulf Coast to understand what MARDI GRAS is all about.  If you were'nt born and raised here, it is a tradition passed down from generation to generation.  You can get more details by clicking on this link: MOBILE, ALABAMA MARDI GRAS

Many think that Mardi Gras began in New Orleans, how wrong they are.  It all started right here in my hometown of Mobile, AL.  Last night was our first major downtown parade, and the celebrations and parades run through MARDI GRAS DAY, which falls on February 21st, this year; always the day before Ash Wednesday.
A couple of nights I had the pleasure of taking my oldest granddaughter, a friend, and met up with a group of other friends at our favorite spot along the parade routes.  My late wife Dianna, just treasured these days.  I have so many fond memories of our MARDI GRAS celebrations through the years.  She was indeed missed last night, but I could feel her there with us.
Take care my friends, and have a HAPPY MARDI GRAS 2012.
Be Blessed.