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Thursday, August 16, 2012

PWTorch Livecast on Friday 8/17 Afternoon -

Hello my friends-
I am proud to be on The Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast audio show, that features live calls from around the world talking about WWE, TNA, and all pro wrestling. Wade Keller hosts this show, and has published the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter since 1987, over 1,100 issues and counting.
Keller is regarded as one of the top insiders, top reporters, top analysts, and top interviewers covering pro wrestling full time during the last four decades. He hosted the "Ultimate Insider DVD" series filmed in L.A. in the 2000s including Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy and Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara as interview subjects. He brings his experience, expertise, insight, and connections to the PWTorch Livecast every weekday, while interacting with callers and his rotation of co-hosts and special guests.
You can hear my big mouth Friday, August 17th, at 5:30 ET / 2:30 PT live for one hour.  You can call to listen or call to ask you me a question: 1-712-775-7100
You may also download the free PWTorch Livecast App here:
I don't do too many interviews of this type anymore, and I am pleased to be Wade's guest, hoping you'll tune in if you have the time.
Thanks to Wade and Pro Wrestling Torch for the thoughtful invitation!
Be Blessed.