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Friday, September 16, 2005

My First "Shoot Interview" Is In The Can...

A good Friday afternoon to you all! I thought I would give you the update that I promised on my trip to Philadelphia. If you didn't get it out of me right now, I will probably be asleep in my reclining chair in front of the television before dinner time. Either I'm just getting too damn old, or I'm just so out of practice traveling. It's probably a bit of both.

I spent yesterday afternoon at
THE RING OF HONOR headquarters in Philadelphia taping my first ever "shoot interview," and what an experience it was. I had a fantastic time, visiting the ROH's operation. I really didn't have a clue what a large company they are running up there. Their professionalism and respect for the history of our business was everywhere. After we got started, it didn't take ROH official Gabe Sapolsky too long to realize we were not going to fit 30+ years worth of memories in a 3-hour product. So he decided that we would do Part I - PP3 beginnings to the end of World Class Wrestling. Then I will return to Philly next month and shoot Part II - my WWF/WWE years. I am also hoping to tape my long awaited "shoot" with my old buddy James E. Cornette. By the way, if I am not mistaken tomorrow, September 17th, is J.C.'s birthday.

The travel experience really caught up with me today on my return home to Mobile. Notwithstanding the continued local airport problems due to Hurricane Katrina, Delta and Northwest's recent bankruptcy added to the turmoil. My Northwest flight out of Philly this morning was delayed, and when landed in Memphis, my connection to Mobile was due to take off. They tried to back me up on some later flights, but they were all booked and had long standby lists. I was already prepared to rent a car and drive the 6-7 hours home. Fortunately for me, my connection was delayed for about 15-minutes and I managed to make it just as they were closing the door. I love traveling when things go right, but when they go wrong, it can really ruin a day.

Time to finish checking the email, and turn this thing off until tomorrow.

Take care, my friends.

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