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Since 2005, and over 800 entries, the orginal purpose of this BLOG has never changed. I consider it to be a personal letter from me to my extended family of fans, supporters, and friends. I ALWAYS encourage your emails, comments, suggestions, and questions. Be Blessed! ~Percy

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tap Out Show... Grace... Terry Gordy... and more

I am pleased to be the special guest of the highly rated Internet Wrestling Show "Tap Out" tomorrow evening (Sunday, June 17th), at 10:00 PM (Central Time). You may listen live on the 'net, or if you miss it you can check out the archived edition at a later time. This should be a very interesting conversation, as this will be my very first interview since my release as a regular WWE television talent, and the signing of my new multi-year "WWE Legends" agreement. I hope you give it a listen!

Our dear granddaughter Grace being held by my oldest son Michael and his wife Beth. This photo was taken at a family gathering for my Sister's Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Please... no comments about Michael's hair. Bless his heart. I guess 30+ plus years of my bleaching and dying my mane, has passed down to him. He must be paying for the "sins" of his father.

I must tell you that Gracie was hospitalized two days ago with a staph infection. In seems she developed a sort of a boil on her inner thigh that resulted in the infection. It was taken care of surgically, and she is being pumped full of antibiotics. Today's update from her mom Beth, tells us she had a good night last evening and is feeling much better. Due to her age, she will probably be in the hospital for several more days. Grace will turn one-year old on the 26th of this month. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

My dear "brother" Terry Gordy passed away on this date in 2001. It just doesn't seem possible. I miss him more than you will ever realize. Also on another sad note, another "brother" Frank Goodish, a.k.a. Bruiser Brody, was murdered on this date in Puerto Rico, in 1988. May Terry, Frank, and all of my departed brothers and sisters rest peacefully in the palms of the caring hands of Our Dear Lord.

No indy wrestling events for me to attend this weekend. However, The ACW - American Championship Wrestling will ring it's bell on Saturday evening July 23rd, at 8:00 pm. The show will be held in The Bayou La Batre Community Center, which is on the gulf just south of Mobile. I have been named as The ACW Commissioner, and it seems my cousin "Marvelous" Marcel Pringle is not too happy about it. That's fine with me, as I have made a special match between Marcel and The Legend himself, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. There will be an added stipulation to that match, that I will reveal at ringside on the 23rd. This event is sponsored by The Bayou La Batre Volunteer Fire Department.

Also, the Ground Zero Pro Benefit for Sean Saxon, son of indy star John Saxon was rescheduled to this Friday July 22nd, due to Hurricane Dennis last weekend. Sean is 16-years old and was paralyzed in a swimming accident last summer. Once again I ask that all local ring talent and fans "do the right thing" for Sean at this fantastic event. The show will be at the Joppa Shrine Temple in North Biloxi, Mississippi at 8:00 PM (CT). Just take exit 41 off of Interstate 10, which is Highway 67.

Our thoughts are also with you folks in the path of Hurricane Emily. Especially for my friends and supporters in South Texas. You just never know what these storms may do.

Have a fine weekend!