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Since 2005, and over 800 entries, the orginal purpose of this BLOG has never changed. I consider it to be a personal letter from me to my extended family of fans, supporters, and friends. I ALWAYS encourage your emails, comments, suggestions, and questions. Be Blessed! ~Percy

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Interviews Scheduled... The Hebner Brothers...

I am scheduled for another highly rated Internet Wrestling program, "In Your Head" tomorrow, July 20th. The show will be taped then available in both print and audio formats on their website later that evening, or on Thursday July 21st, at the latest. The link to the site is:

I would also like to thank The "Tap Out Show" and "GamingRing" for their respect and professionalism. I had a fine time with the hosts of both shows and I have been invited to visit them again. In fact, "GamingRing" has asked me to pencil in September 12th for a return appearance. The link to both websites are as follows:
http://www.tapoutshow.com and http://www.gamingring.com

Keep in mind that I will also be appearing on "Wrestling Weekly" this Sunday evening, July 24th, at 5:00 pm (central).

I have received numerous emails asking for my comments regarding Dave and Earl Hebner's situation with World Wrestling Entertainment. I don't have anything to say on the subject as I have not spoken with either brother. I certainly hope the rumors are not true, as I love The Hebners like my own family members. This photo was taken at a "house show" here in Mobile around 2000, and comes from the PHOTO GALLERY of PP.com.

Have a good Tuesday!