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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chiseled in stone... 2 years ago today

Two years ago on this date the Paul Bearer character was cemented at WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT'S first GREAT AMERICAN BASH in Norfolk, VA. The three photos below are not screen captures, they were taken by a friend with a digital camera.
Seriously, I was scared to death. It was a very dangerous stunt. Any malfunction would have not only ended Paul Bearer, but me, myself, and I. In the photo above, I was preparing myself mentally, for what was about to take place.
WWE took every precaution just in case something went wrong. Without a doubt, this will always stand out on top of my memories during my 14-year run as Paul Bearer.
In this picture, the cement starts to rise to up to my "chins." I still get asked more about this event than any other thing I did with The Undertaker.

No matter if there may be a return for the Paul Bearer character or not one day, from my heart I can truly say that I have been blessed to see the world over and over again, and to have made so many lifelong friends. Thanks for the memories...