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Since 2005, and over 800 entries, the orginal purpose of this BLOG has never changed. I consider it to be a personal letter from me to my extended family of fans, supporters, and friends. I ALWAYS encourage your emails, comments, suggestions, and questions. Be Blessed! ~Percy

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Mobile's Hank Aaron Stadium, home of The Mobile Baybears, an affiliate of The San Diego Padres.

I'm headed out to a baseball game tonight, for the first time this season. I used to go quite often, I don't know what happened. We are fortunate to have one of the farm teams of The San Diego Padres here, and one of the finest minor league stadiums in the country. You can read more about our team by clicking on:

Thank The Good Lord I have a connection with the stadium, as it is the hottest day we've had this year. It's right at 90 degrees right now. If I'm lucky, we'll end up in The Stadium Club, close to air conditioning and Mr. Jack Daniels. What a whimp I've turned into in my old age. For more info on our lovely weather around here, you can click on the banner below my signature.

This warm weather has really made my morning exercise routine a sweaty one. But... I'm proud of myself, I'm still hanging in there.

Our granddaughter Grace started crawling on Mother's Day. She'll be walking before we know it. We went to church with her Mother's Day morning, and I had the privilege of carrying her in my arms to communion. Dianna says that I looked like Vince McMahon struting down the ramp to the ring with Gracie in my arms. LOL

Our thoughts and prayers are with my dear friend Captain Lou Albano, who suffered a heart attack earlier this week.

Take care, my friends.