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Since 2005, and over 800 entries, the orginal purpose of this BLOG has never changed. I consider it to be a personal letter from me to my extended family of fans, supporters, and friends. I ALWAYS encourage your emails, comments, suggestions, and questions. Be Blessed! ~Percy

Friday, May 27, 2005

Oh me... Oh my...

I realize that many of you have felt the way Alfalfa looks in this classic picture from "The Little Rascals." But's that is exactly how I am looking today. I had a pain in one of my teeth yesterday morning, as usual I let it go for a couple of hours. The next thing I knew it looked like I was hiding a softball in my left cheek. I called my dentist, and of course he was leaving for the day and becuase of Memorial Day weekend, would not be returning until Tuesday. So... they called in some antibiotics and pain medicine for me to hold me over. I just don't think I am going to make it like this for 5-days. I'll keep you posted.

Unfortunately, this is happening right in the middle of of some very good things that are going down regarding my future post July 10th. I can't release the details right now, but I know my true supporters out there will be as happy and as excited as I am about them.

I have been planning on attending a local independent show this evening featuring my cousin "Marvelous" Marcel Pringle against Adrian Street, and a good lineup with Brian Armstrong in the main event. I sure hope I can make it, as I haven't been to an indy event in the area in quite sometime.

Hang in there friends, it's finally Friday!