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Sunday, January 16, 2005

To Do What I Do...

It's no secret about how much I enjoy music, especially the country genre. I hear songs all the time that remind me of the wrestling business. Thoughts about being on the road away from your family and friends, and the feelings of just what you go through for the reward of standing in the spotlight for a few minutes each evening. One tune that has always stood head and shoulders among them all in our industry has always been Bob Seger's 1972 classic "TURN THE PAGE." If you've never listened to that one and want to hear what it really feels like, I suggest you take the time to check it out.

I recently discovered an Alan Jackson song on his latest CD, "WHAT I DO," called TO DO WHAT I DO. If you haven't heard it, it's also worth giving a listen. It certainly sums up the feelings about what it's like to be able to do what you do for a living. He's singing about being in the music business, but it's no different than what we do on our canvas stage.

On this cold January day, I would like to share the lyrics with you, and make it a personal thank you, for allowing this Alabama Boy to do what he's been able to do for 30-years.

I've been a waiter, a roofer, a clerk
I've shoveled manure till my pride hurt.
When you're starting out, it's all part of the work
To do what I do.

I've been evicted for not making rent
Made my Daddy wonder where my good sense went.
For the price of a dream, my years have been spent
To do what I do.

So I stand here tonight with this six string guitar
To be something I've always been in my heart.
Just for the chance to play you my song
The thrill when I hear you singing along.
It's been worth everything I've been through
To do what I do.

I've played for empty tables and chairs
The drunks that don't listen, the crowds that dont care.
Been told countless times Boy you ain't goin' nowhere
To do what I do.

So I hope the critics and skeptics alike
All bought a ticket to this show tonight.
And they'll see firsthand that I have survived
And what doesn't kill you makes you more alive.
And I'm one of the fortunate few
To do what I do.

There's so much joy this music can bring
So I count my blessings when I step up to sing.
Cause they're so many people who would give anything
To do what I do.

And I Thank You......
I can do what I do!

Have a warm day!