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Thursday, March 04, 2010

GCWR - Today thru Saturday

We've blogged about it for months, and talked about it with every member of the industry that I have had contact with, but the time is here. Our 19th Annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion (GCWR).

Our event is open only to those retired from, or currently in our business. It is not open to fans or internet reporters; first time attendees will have their credentials reviewed at the door. Grapplers from around the nation come to Mobile, AL the first weekend of every March. The GCWR does not have a website, we frown upon photos from our even being posted on fan sites, and our membership (who is there and who is not) is our business. Those within our brotherhood understand, those that are not will never understand.

It is still not too late to attend. You may register at the door, even as late as Saturday. If you have a wrestling event Saturday evening, no worries as the convention ends promptly at 4pm.

More info can be found by clicking on this link: 2010 GCWR INFORMATION FLYER

There will be a independent wrestling event Friday evening, March 5th, just 20-minutes from the reunion location. I am on that line-up, and will be in my son Daniel "D.J." corner against Rock and Roll Express Legend Robert Gibson. I also must disclaim that this event, or any other indy program in the area for that matter, is not sanctioned by The GCWR.

Be Blessed.