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Sunday, January 08, 2012

My youngest son turns 25 today...

Not only is today Elvis Presley's Birthday, it is my youngest son Daniel's too.  25-years ago today, Daniel Joseph was born in Dallas, Texas while I was working with The Von Erich Family's World Class Championship Wrestling.  He was 7-years younger than his older brother, and what a welcomed life changing addition he was to our little family.

This will be Daniel's third birthday without his mom, who passed away from breast cancer on January 31, 2009.  I just want Daniel to know I understand how he feels today.  Just remember Daniel, that your Mom loved you more than life itself, and your little Danielle was one of the many things that made her eyes sparkle.  You have the best guardian angel you could have, as she is looking down on you each and every day.  The biggest tribute you could give her is take care of yourself, and your girls. 
Daniel wrestles on the gulf coast independent scene as "D.J. Pringle", and I have the honor of being in his corner now and then.

Wish I could be with you and your girls today, but as with many of our family celebrations through the years.... 'rasslin is calling.  I'm in Los Angeles with NWA HOLLYWOOD.  I'll be home tomorrow in time for The ALABAMA - LSU Championship game. 

Believe it or not, Daniel and his brother are Auburn fans.  Where did I go wrong?  LOL