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Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick look back on The Tide... Onward to Oregon...

I read this morning that the only certainty in college football in this day and age is there are no certainties. There are no sure wins, no absolutes, no teams that can't be beaten.  I've always been aware of that, and rarely boast about THE CRIMSON TIDE because we've been there so many times.  In a way, I'm kind of glad that that weight has been lifted off our backs.  We can move on... kudos to South Carolina.
Off to Portland, OR very shortly for SMACKDOWN taping tomorrow, that will show on Friday on The SyFy Network.  Going to be a very long day, notwithstanding a very long flight.  You know how out of practice this old man is.  LOL
Portland is a very beautiful area, as you can see from the photo above with Mount Hood in the background.  Take care my friends, and you can follow my Oregon adventure on on my TWITTER account by just clicking here: http://twitter.com/wweURNiverse

Be Blessed.