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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kerry, Lee Fields, and more...

To say that I have been a busy man during the past couple of weeks would be an understatement. Many of you who visit here know that if I don't make regular updates that there is a reason, and these days the reason is usually my "real job" in the "real world." I missed talking about the anniversary of my emergency gallbladder surgery on May 24, 2004 which literally was directly tied to Paul Bearer being buried in concrete at the GAB that year. I missed remembering the anniversary (June 2nd) of the deaths of Junk Yard Dog (1998), and Fred Blassie (2003). I didn't forget these important dates, but it has just been hard to get to my computer keyboard.
On this date in the year 2000, Lee Fields, the godfather of gulf coast professional wrestling, passed away after a long illness. I probably would have never discovered this great sport of our if it wasn't for Lee Fields (photos above and below). We will never forget.

Also on this date in 1986, my friend Kerry Von Erich was involved in the motorcycle accident that took his foot, and in my humble opinion was directly related to the eventual loss of his life. Kerry was so hard headed when it came to this injury. I will never forget the night he made his come back after the accident. We were in Reunion Arena in Dallas, a few of us, including Kerry, were sharing a dressing room. Right before the match a doctor well known to WCCW came in and stuck Kerry's still not completely healed foot with several vials of novacaine. His foot was completely numb, which he took as a good thing. He went out there and wrestled, and there is no doubt in my mind that he permanently damaged what was left of his foot, and the amputation followed shortly after. I loved Kerry, and I always will. We will never forget.

Tomorrow, June 5th, President Ronald Reagan died in 2004.

Be Blessed.

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