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Friday, March 04, 2005

"Plowboy" Arrives - Reunion Underway!

"Plowboy" Kurt Nielsen arrived safely on The Gulf Coast late Wednesday afternoon. In this exclusive photo, he steps into "God's Country" for the very first time.

Kurt pays his respects at the gravesite of "The Pascagoula Plowboy," "Uncle Elmer," Stan Frazier.

My dear friend and webmaster Kurt Nielsen arrived on The Gulf Coast from California on Wednesday. Dianna had a traditional southern fried chicken dinner with all the extras awaiting at our home. After catching up on all the news and gossip, I took the "Plowboy" out to a local drinking establishment, to visit my dear friend Jack Daniels.

We dubbed Thursday "Tiny Frazier Day" as we spent most of the day sightseeing. I was proud to take Kurt to visit "Plowboy Frazier's" gravesite at The Biloxi Mississippi National Cemetery. We visited "Tiny's" last homestead in Pascagoula, and Kurt purchased himself a pair of official Pascagoula overalls. We hit most of the sites from Biloxi, east to Mobile. The evening was topped off with the pre-reunion dinner, where those members already in town for The 14th Annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion, gathered for a fine meal and renewal of friendships.

Our Reunion kicks off in earnest today, as the official events begin.

Have a great weekend, I know we will!