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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another Reunion In The Books...

The 16th Annual GULF COAST WRESTLERS REUNION came to an end late yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, marking yet another successful history making professional gathering. "Kayfabe" still lives at our annual reunion, and I make it a habit of never releasing any details about who was there, or our activities. It is not a fanfest, and as a member of the board of directors I do what I can to continue the tradition of our private event. However, I will write briefly about one award, that being The Horizon Award.

This is the second year we have presented the Horizon Award; and it was my honor to announce who was selected by secret ballot at last year's reunion to become the 2007 honoree. This award is unique in the fact that the recepient is selected by the members of our reunion who actually work in the independent scene.

"The Old School Assassin" John Saxon was the winner this year. I knew that John has always been a big Danny Hodge fan, and it was my pleasure to arrange his award to be presented by the legend himself (see the photo above).

John has certainly paid his dues and his peers certainly made the right decision this year. I consider John a friend, and I am proud to book him on many of my GULF SOUTH WRESTLING events.
The Reunion set a new record Friday night, in the fact that we had more in attendance than all of the past 15 Friday night events. Ring legends were every where. I wish every man had the opportunity to rub shoulders with his heroes that are now his friends, that describes my position within the GCWR. I can't wait until next year!

Have a great week.
Be Blessed!