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Monday, February 05, 2007



WHEN: Friday, March 2nd - 5 pm (Dinner), and Saturday, March 3rd - 10 am

WHO CAN ATTEND: To be eligible for attendance, you MUST be actively engaged in a legit form of the professional wrestling business, or retired from a career in the ring. This includes wrestlers, managers, referees, promoters, and associated talents.

Unfortunately, persons deeming themselves “Wrestling Historians,” "Internet Reporters", or fans of our sport are not welcome. Just because you bought yourself some trunks and a pair of boots and wrestle in your backyard or free for some self-proclaimed indy "promoter", DOES NOT automatically make you eligible.

You MUST have a legit background in our industry. On the same note, just because you decided to run a show or two, and call yourself a "promoter" DOES NOT make you eligible. ALL APPLICANTS will be screened at the door.

If you have ANY doubts about your eligibility, please email me with your concerns at:

You DO NOT want to be embarrassed and turned away at the door. I am prepared for some to be offended by our strict regulations; I'm sorry, but business is business. "Kayfabe" lives at The Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: If your application was submitted prior to January 1, 2007, dues was $25.00. After January 1, 2007, dues is $30.00. If you decide to pay at the door, $35.00 is required. We ask that you help us get an accurate count for food service, by please paying in advance if at all possible. We suggest that you do not mail dues and applications after February 23rd, as chances are that they will not reach us in time.

 The 2007 Reunion will be our 16th annual gathering.
 If you cannot make it on Friday evening, you are welcome to attend Saturday.
 There will be food, drinks, and entertainment both days.
 We encourage you to please come early, there’s always something going on, especially if you plan to submit your dues and your application at the door.
 We want to remind you that drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the grounds of our reunion, and everyone is expected to act in a professional manner; remembering that THIS IS NOT A FAN FESTIVAL.

You may also email me for an application.

Also, do not forget The Les Thatcher Mini-Seminar the night before the GCWR, Thursday, March 1st, at 7 pm; at The Gulf South Wrestling Training Center in mid-town Mobile. Admission to this outstanding event is more liberal, and open to ALL area independent talents and associated persons.

More information on both events are forthcoming.

Be Blessed!