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Friday, February 18, 2005

Kerry Von Erich

"The Modern Day Warrior"

Kerry Von Erich

On this date in 1993, the world of Professional Wrestling lost one of it's finest talents, Kerry Adkisson. Most of you know that I had the pleasure of working in Dallas with The Von Erich Family for 6-years. When I moved on to The WWF, Kerry was already there. Needless to say due to our past history, Kerry and I shared a special bond. We spent a lot of time together, not only in locker rooms around the world, but special times as we traveled back and forth from Dallas during my first 7-months before moving back to Mobile.

Kerry was misunderstood by many people. Especially some who never grew tired of dragging his Family's name through the mud. Unfortunately, years after his death, there are still some Internet "Smarks" who do nothing but talk dirt about him. But, if you really knew him, you realized that he had a heart bigger than The State Of Texas. He was a great friend, that I think about quite often. I miss him dearly. May his soul, and the souls of his brothers and dear father, rest in peace.

Today's Possum Day!!! I will be spending this evening, and possibly tomorrow evening as well, with my Country Music Icon George Jones and his band. I always enjoy these get togethers several times a year. As far as country music goes, there's nobody better once you've heard the best, and that my friends is "The Possum."

Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the March 12th, WWE-RAW event here in my hometown at The University Of South Alabama's Mitchell Center. I'm looking forward to seeing my WWE family once again as I always love to welcome them to Mobile.

Until Next Time